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Mina Shah | Motivational Speaker, Sales Training, Strategic Coach

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February 19, 2016 - TED Boca Raton
March 19, 2016 - Mina Meetings Graduation Party!

Motivational Speaker, Sales Training, Strategic Coach, Mina Shah, Woman Empowerment, Inspiration

Mina Meetings

Have you ever felt that you are capable of so much more than you are doing right now? That you have a ton of potential and are working hard but it’s not paying off the way you would like? Are you looking for a change?

Welcome to the Mina Meetings! A powerful year long program that allows you to learn the real life skills you need to get ahead without it being a huge burden or distraction to your day to day life.

Once a month you will come to a fabulous meeting surrounded by other women all with one common goal, becoming the best versions of yourself. You’ll learn practical real life skills, set goals, be supported and held accountable with tough love by your fellow members and trainers to make sure that at the end of the year, you look back and can be proud of all you have accomplished!

Enrollment for the next Mina Year which starts the 1st week of April 2016 is now open! For more information and to learn more about how you can become a Mina Member enter your full name and email below!

Thanks so much and remember, You are Awesome!

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Motivational Speaker, Sales Training, Strategic Coach, Mina Shah, Woman Empowerment, Inspiration

Who Is Mina?

Mina Shah - Speaker, Strategic Coach, and Founder of the Women’s MINA Movement, Mina Shah has spoken to over 1,200 groups and strategically consulted over 150 business owners teaching them the mind set and skill to create a financially thriving business and life.

As the Founder of the Women’s Mina Movement, Mina creates powerful live events where women learn real life skills to “Know Their Value and Claim Their Worth.” One of the ways women do this is through an awesome and engaging year long program called the Mina Meetings. Women come once a month and learn confidence, communication skills and what Mina calls, money skills - the skills to be able to negotiate and influence to earn the money they really deserve without feeling pushy or guilty about it. She believes that one of the most important things you can do after helping a woman remember how powerful she is, is to give her the tools to be able to able to stand on own two feet financially. From this place she is able be a better woman, friend, sister, daughter, wife and mother.

Before starting the Women’s MINA Movement, Mina worked as a Peak Performance Strategist for Anthony Robbins as the only female on an elite team of 6 people who traveled around the country speaking on his behalf. During her time with Anthony Robbins Mina led her team to break a record in the company that hadn’t been broken in 30 years. She also won the Presidents Award and the Platinum Award in the same year. One award for results, and the other chosen by her peers for her commitment and being an example of the mission.

Believing in living a rich and full life Mina has applied equal drive to making her personal dreams come true. She has taken a 7 month trip around the world where she made her dream of seeing the Taj Mahal come true. She has climbed the highest mountain in SE Asia as well as completed a 12 day trek in the Himalayas.

Of all the journeys Mina has embarked on she feels the creation and growth of the Women’s Mina Movement is the most important. Having struggled herself from the age of 15 she knows how hard it was to be able to create the life she is grateful to have today. She feels having a mentor to guide the way can save women not only precious years of their life but give them the emotional freedom to create the life they truly desire. In the last year and a half Mina has opened 3 Chapters of the Mina Meetings in South Florida. In 2016 she will be launching the Mina Meetings facilitator program so that women across the globe can open their own chapters and empower women everywhere to Know Their Value and Claim Their Worth!


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Motivational Speaker, Sales Training, Strategic Coach, Mina Shah, Woman Empowerment, Inspiration

Having spoken to over 1200 audiences, Mina Shah understands what it takes to move an audience and make an impact!

Top 5 reasons to have mina speak at your event!

1. Experience

Certifications are one thing, experience is another. Mina Shah has spoken to over 1200 groups, from countless industries, on every coast. Her natural ability certainly makes listening to her a pleasure, but it’s her experience that makes the event a home run every time.

2. Energy and Passion

A great message delivered with unbelievable energy! The #1 word people use to describe Mina Shah over and over again is inspiring. She leaves people not just with a great message, but energized and inspired!

3. On Point

Mina Shah is passionate about people walking away with something tangible that they can apply in their own life. She realizes that to do this the message must be on point and delivered in a clear manner.

4. Professional

The consummate professional. The client is Mina Shahʼs #1 priority. Her attention to detail is extraordinary, and while everyone else thinks the job is done, she can clearly see the extra mile still left to go and delivers.

5. Real

A powerful message is important. In a speaker, a sense of humility is as well.
Having overcome great personal challenges to get where she is, Mina Shah doesnʼt take herself too seriously. She is genuine, authentic, down to earth, and fun!

"In my 25+ years of sales management I have heard many speakers. Most were completely forgettable and less than a handful mildly memorable. Mina Shah is more than a speaker, she is the real deal, she has lived what she shares and is one of the best speakers I’ve heard in over 25 years."
-Wally Malesh

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