I’ll Go To The Next One

Saturday, November 5th, 2011

It’s Day 2 of Unleash the Power Within and a picture is circulating all over Facebook and within the Tony Robbins community- and now within another community – the Oprah community.  A picture of Oprah walking on Fire last night.
For people who have had the experience it is exciting and exhilerating to have one of the worlds most successful women and role models now share in this incredible life changing experience.  I know, myself, standing there last night watching the whole thing I was in awe, watching her go through the fear and hesitation,  and then pulling it together, and GOING FOR IT!  Wow!

Going home last night I thought of all the people who told me they were too busy to come to the event, or they are… Read more

The Lie

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

Have you ever heard someone say something Untrue and thought, “Huh??” What are they thinking??? That is so obviously not true!”
Now, have you ever said something about yourself, to yourself, that really was not true? Have you said these things on more than one occasion? Daily?
What happens when these 2 dynamics play out in someone’s life?
“I didn’t know if he was gonna see it, I didn’t know if he was gonna see it girl…..”
When it comes to ourselves, the obvious is not obvious. We must go with that burning desire in us because for good or bad it is meant to take us somewhere. Perhaps that desire, that vision, will not actually fabricate BUT in the pursuit of it, we prepare ourselves. We prepare ourselves for… Read more


How Much Could It REALLY Change My Life???

Monday, September 12th, 2011

Ok, so I have always had this major fantasy that if I were to get up in the morning at 5:00am, 5 days a week, my life would miraculously catapult into the stratosphere. Now, some of you who know me, are probably thinking, “You don’t already get up at 5:00am?” That would be a No. lol! Not consistently.
I am a total night owl.Early morning rising is something I do with GREAT effort and GREAT discipline. So I will go through periods of early morning rising and then periods of waking up at 7:00am or some other hour reserved for sane people.

I have hit a bit of a plateau in the last 4 weeks so I have decided that there is certainly no better time to explore this fantasy… Read more

I’ll Do It Myself

Friday, August 12th, 2011

I was sitting down about to eat the other day and decided to take a moment to give thanks and be present before I ate. I gave thought and thanks to be able to simply afford a meal out, and then thanks to hands that prepared it, and then there were also the people who delivered the food to the restaurant and well then, come to think of it, there was the restaurant owner, and then I found myself drifting out giving thanks to to all the people, places and things that went into this meal sitting before me…….
HOLY COW! ( no not the meal, I’m a veggie)
It was unending! From the farmers who planted the veggies to the people who built the farmers house, to the tractor… Read more