How many beautiful people do you know?

Monday, April 27th, 2015

I saw this video for the first time today. One of the wonderful girls in the M.I.N.A. Meetings shared it with me.
The moment I recognized what was happening my heart tightened and tears started streaming down my face.
Am I average?
Am I beautiful?
These women were asking, contemplating, attempting to choose.
HOW could this be a QUESTION???
HOW could this be a conversation???
My heart broke. What is the conversation amongst women that they would have to debate, wonder, and in the end CHOOSE Average?
It’s not the words. It’s what they mean.
I am beautiful.
I am beautiful
I am beautiful.
We are all beautiful, women, men, children, elders.
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2014 SociaLight Conference Welcomes Mina Shah

Friday, November 21st, 2014

This Sunday I have the honor of speaking to new and emerging entrepreneurs and conscious minded leaders at the SociaLight Conference in Toronto, Canada. I will also be joining some amazing ladies on the Forbes Womens’ Panel – Iron Stiletto – Women Entrepreneurship and Leadership as well as leading a training during the during the Now What? Session called The Money Conversation. More specifically, How to make money, when it’s not about the Money.
If you want to learn more about the SociaLight Conference visit:   and you might be inspired to  add going to their next conference to your 2015 bucket list!
Enjoy the video and I so look forward to sharing with you my experience when I return.
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I’ll Go To The Next One

Saturday, November 5th, 2011

It’s Day 2 of Unleash the Power Within and a picture is circulating all over Facebook and within the Tony Robbins community- and now within another community – the Oprah community.  A picture of Oprah walking on Fire last night.
For people who have had the experience it is exciting and exhilerating to have one of the worlds most successful women and role models now share in this incredible life changing experience.  I know, myself, standing there last night watching the whole thing I was in awe, watching her go through the fear and hesitation,  and then pulling it together, and GOING FOR IT!  Wow!

Going home last night I thought of all the people who told me they were too busy to come to the event, or they are… Read more