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Having spoken to over 1200 audiences Mina Shah understands what it takes to move an audience and make an impact!

One of the most powerful female speakers in the industry today!

Do you need a phenomenal female speaker for your event? One that is not just passionate and energized, but who will also deliver a clear and relevant message?

You have found the person you are looking for. Having traveled all over the country, speaking for Tony Robbins as a Peak Performance Strategist, Mina Shah was able to develop a deep knowledge and understanding of how to move an audience and create energy in a room while delivering a powerful and meaningful message.

The Top 5 Reasons to Book Mina Shah for Your Event!

1. ExperienceCertifications are one thing, experience is another. Mina Shah has spoken to over 1200 groups, from countless industries, on every coast. Her natural ability certainly makes listening to her a pleasure, but itʼs her experience that makes the event a home run every time.

2. Energy and PassionA great message delivered with unbelievable energy!
The #1 word people use to describe Mina Shah over and over again is inspiring. She leaves people not just with a great message, but energized and inspired!

3. On PointMina Shah is passionate about people walking away with something tangible that they can apply in their own life. She realizes that to do this the message must be on point and delivered in a clear manner.

4. ProfessionalThe consummate professional. The client is Mina Shahʼs #1 priority. Her attention to detail is extraordinary, and while everyone else thinks the job is done, she can clearly see the extra mile still left to go and delivers.

5. RealA powerful message is important. In a speaker, a sense of humility is as well.
Having overcome great personal challenges to get where she is, Mina Shah doesnʼt take herself too seriously. She is genuine, authentic, down to earth, and fun!


” In my 25+ years of sales
management I have heard many
speakers Most were completely forgettable
and less than a handful mildly memorable. Mina
Shah is more than a speaker, she is the real
deal, she has lived what she shares and is
one of the best speakers I’ve heard
in over 25 years. “

– Wally Malesh

Topics Mina Speaks On

Sales Team on Fire– How would you love to see your SALES TEAM ON FIRE!?! Thatʼs what Mina Shah can do. Giving them the insight and strategies to go out there and turn prospects into profits! She has lead two different sales teams to the #1 position in 2 different companies and speaks from experience. With years in the trenches herself, your team will love her real and raw message as well as the great insights they themselves will be able to use in the field.

Sales for Women!! – Do you have to act like a man to be a top producer??? As the only female on Tony Robbins elite outside sales team Mina Shah can tell you emphatically, No! As a woman, what does it really take to overcome objections and ask for the sale?
How do you elegantly take control of a room and never get accused of acting like a man? Get ready to have your women raving as Mina Shah shares her sales secrets that allowed her to increase her sales every single quarter for 4 years straight!

Overcoming Obstacles– Nothing great is achieved without growth and sacrifice.
Setting big goals and being committed to achieving them means being ready to face what comes. As most successful people know, you will be tested along the way. Mina Shah is no stranger to challenge and sacrifice. Self made and on her own since she was 15, Mina Shah has personally had to overcome one challenge after another to get where she is today. If you need to remind your audience that their greatest challenges are in fact their greatest gifts, Mina Shah will deliver the message like no other.

Achieving Your Dreams– What it takes to turn dreams into reality. Climbing the highest mountain in SE Asia. A twelve day trek in the Himalayas, moving to Spain, and winning a trip to spend a week with one of her heroes, Mina Shah has countless stories that will move and inspire your audience to know that they can achieve anything they truly desire.

It Doesnʼt Matter Where You Came From– If you need an inspirational message for your charity or organization Mina will deliver a heart piercing, real, raw, message that will touch the souls of everyone in the room.

Custom Talk– Having a love affair with words and seeing lessons in everyday things are just a couple of things that contribute to Mina Shahʼs ability to create a powerful and meaningful talk. She will craft a talk specifically for your team on the topic of your choice.

“Mina Shah is an outstanding
presenter. Her delivery is spot on,
her enthusiasm and charisma are contagious,
and her message is profound. We see a wide-
range of speakers every year, and Mina is
unquestionably the most effective. “

-J Parish

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